Januta Ribinskas

Vinyasa, Ashtanga,

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Executive Wellbeing offers programs for you to meet your full potential. You can come to the Tree House @ Fawkner Park Tennis Club South Yarra, which reflects an environment that is boutique to connect you with nature. We also offer you Corporate Leadership and Staff development workshops & Programs under the Executive Wellbeing Brand. Delivering  a range of Wellbeing solutions we offer yoga & pilates classes for individuals at different levels.We  include philosophy,meditation,mindfulness helping each individual to look at life in a positive way ,connecting with their self on all levels. The teachings geared for you to integrate happiness into your  every day life and to learn to transcend and beyond mind and connect with your  soul. We offer you corporate workshops and classes onsite locally interstate and internationally. phone 0412183379

Tree House -Fawkner Park Tennis Club -Yoga Concepts

65 Toorak Rd (West ), South Yarra , VIC, 3141


Location Class Days Time
Tree House -Fawkner Park Tennis Club -Yoga Concepts 65 Toorak Rd West , VIC, South Yarra , 3141 "The Knowing Flow" Vinyasa Sequences Mon Level 1- Tues Beginners Wed General 6.30-8.00pm

""Life is about love and for living well " our current society is riddled with stress anxietys,depression,sickness,addictions and more which reflects we have learnt inner self loathing and to live sick Learning to LOVE yourself is it !"

Januta Ribinskas

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