Jillian Warren

Hatha Yoga with special interest in Yoga for better Mental Health.

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist



Jill’s Yoga journey began over twenty years ago and it was the early experiences that ignited a love of Yoga in her.

The discovery of Yoga in her world brought calm, connectedness to the earthly and spiritual realms, clarity of mind, physical well-being, hope, an array of challenges and was nothing short of life changing.

Attendance at classes was somewhat sporadic over the years, however, the commitment to Yoga never changed. Eventually Jill began a whole new chapter in her journey when she commenced the Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion course with Pine Rivers Yoga in 2014 and after completing 350 hours, Jill graduated as a Level 1Yoga teacher.

Jill has been working in the community sector for many years and is no stranger to people’s struggles and challenges. It is this background that sees her teaching from the heart and with a desire to offer the tools for change.

Jill wants to make Yoga accessible for everyone and recognises that everyone is unique and individual. Regardless of age, experience, current abilities, physical or mental challenges or where you are in terms of your personal Yoga journey, Jill invites you to join her at Yoga Sol  Studio where she is part of a beautiful Yoga Community in Ferny Hills, in North West Brisbane, to explore what Yoga can bring to your life.

Yoga Sol

+61 407 906 462
11 Mawarra Crescent , Ferny Hills, QLD, 4055


Location Class Days Time
Yoga Sol Hatha Mondays 7.30pm
Yoga Sol general Fridays 9.30am

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