Jo Moore

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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Having travelled the world and settling in Australia in 1989, I found myself searching for a greater understanding of my life's purpose. Through astrology and Buddhism I was eventually reintroduced to yoga (having experienced my first class as a teenager) 

The weekly classes I attended left me feeling at home in my body, contented and at peace. I eventually enrolled in my first teacher training course with the desire to facilitate this feeling in others.

Through the years of teaching and learning I met many people who shared this passion. With their help and encouragement the Yoga Rhythms Teacher Training course was eventually born. 

Words are unable to express the love and gratitude I feel for the incredible souls I have shared the training course and classes with. To witness the unfolding of past conditioning, and feel the radiance of their unconditioned Self is a constant reminder of the power and privilege the practice of Yoga bestows on us all. 




Yoga - Rhythms office

07 32833998
8 Korsch Street , Kippa-Ring, QLD, 4021

Farmers Assembly Hall

+61 407 892 028
704 Caboolture River Road , Upper Caboolture, QLD, 4510


Location Class Days Time
Grant Rd Sporting Complex, Morayfield Gentle yoga Mondays 9.30am
Genesis Healthclub Morayfield YR Flow Wednesday 10.15am
Club Lime Blue Water Square Redcliffe YR Flow Friday 11am
Farmers Assembly Hall 704 Caboolture River Road YR Flow Saturday 8am

""What I know for sure is that you feel real JOY in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth.""

Oprah Winfrey

what people are saying about Jo Moore

Cheyne Turner YRTT 2012 YRTT 2013 repeat

While initially seeking such physical outcomes as a toned body, increased bone and muscle strength and improved flexibility, Teacher Training with Yoga Rhythms inadvertently spear-headed my spiritual awakening, sending me JOYFULLY on the most amazing SOUL inspired interior journey. - When the student is ready, the teacher will appear -

Amanda YRTT 2013

. . .I've experienced so many theoretical and personal, physical and spiritual, "light bulb" moments. I would love my friends and family to have and share the experience of Yoga Rhythms Teacher Training

Crissy YRTT 2011 YR 2012 repeat

A heartfelt journey that assists us to dig deep, explore, release past emotions and thought patterns and unfold to become a better version of ourselves; a chance to discover our authentic self and embrace a more flexible mind and body.

Robyn YRTT 2012

Eileen YRTT 2007

...get to know your real self. A real connection with others who share your own love of yoga, who share the joys and the challenges that positive change brings.

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