Karen Finck

Corporate, General, Intro to Yoga Course, Iyengar, Level 1 and 2, Meditation, Seniors, beginners

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Address BELLINGEN NSW 2454

Phone Mobile 0404 612 475

Email [email protected]


* A safe and systematic progression of yoga postures to develop each students ability and skill, both within each class and from class to class

* Sequencing that develops strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration, and body alignment

* Individual correction and knowledge of how to adjust postures for common physical problems

* Demonstration and teaching of specific points to develop understanding and intelligent action

* Individual correction and adjustment of students, when necessary

* Integration of the yoga philosophy with the practice of asana

* Incorporation and relevance of practice into daily life

* Ways to use yoga to ease various ailments and stress

* Use of props, such as blankets, blocks, and straps, to facilitate learning and adjust yoga postures to individual need

KAREN FINCK has been practicing yoga since 1989 and teaching since 1996. Karen is a Level 3 certified teacher, a member of the Australian Yoga Teachers Association

Karen trained firstly with the Yoga teachers network 500hrs in 1990.

Later  completing training Peter Scott one of Australia's most senior and well respected Iyengar Yoga teachers.
Karen is a dedicated yoga practitioner who regularly attends workshops with leading teachers from around Australia and international as well as teaching international workshops with her own unique style and knowledge.

Karen has taught workshops throughout the world, assisting the development of yoga teachers skills. Countries she has taught multipe times in include the USA, Mexico, Norway, France, Austria, Holland, England, Bali, Jakarta, New Zealand, Dubai, Spain, Greece, Holland, Austria,Jordan and Malaysia.

Karen has studied different lineages of yoga and sees all yoga as one without fragmentation. Karen believes yoga must come through the heart as it is for healing, to help people to remove the blockages that harden the heart, mind and body which eventually leads to sickness. Yoga is to help the individual to embody their spirit and not to go through life fragmented.

She also holds a Diploma in Traditional Thai massage CONDUCTED BY BRUCE BENTLEY, the alignment and stretching involved is very complementary to Yoga.
Karen is qualified in Physiotherapy Assistance Cert 4,TRAINED TO CONDUCT HOSPITAL REHAB IN THE HOME also trained in Reiki with DENISE GRUNDLE 1989 and Spiritual Healing with the AUSTRALIAN SPIRITUAL HEALERS set up in the late 1950's by the international healer Harvey Edwards.

Karen finck

REAR LANE 8 CROWN STREET , Bellingen, NSW, 2454

"Know yoga, know peace. No yoga, no peace"

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