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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Kathy / Balwant Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years. She comes from a corporate background, having worked in the IT industry for approximately 20 years. She believes that we have lost our connection with ourselves and our environment. Kundalini Yoga has helped her to go within, learning to balance life.  Balwant is a Mentoring Lead Trainer and works on teacher training teams throughout Australia, Bali and India.  According to Kathy it doesn’t matter what you look like, what size you are or how flexible you are, everyone can benefit from Kundalini yoga. It is the yoga for the regular person who has a job, has a family and has commitments. It is a technology that we can use for living a harmonious, healthy and happy life.

Kathy McLean / Balwant Kaur

Gladstone Avenue, NAIRNE, SA, 5252

Kathy McLean / Balwant Kaur

Hirt St, Murray Bridge, SA, 5253

what people are saying about Kathy McLean

Annabelle Leray

A few months after I arrived in Australia in 2013, I met Kathy McLean as she was facilitating a Kundalini Yoga retreat. I immediately loved her "style", then, I started to come to her regular Friday Women Class which was absolutely fabulous as I could deeply experience my inner transformation week after week and I could understand/identify what I was going through, in my life. I really enjoyed the way Kathy run her classes: the choice of the kriya (which always seemed to match with the mood of the day @) and how we were entering into the practice smoothly, the choice of the music (cleverly related to what we were practising), the way she explains how to do the postures/pranayama/ etc ... and also all what she said regarding the benefits of such or such exercise. I also appreciated her support and her availability, anytime. I feel really grateful and lucky to have met her and that she's been part of my life journey. SAT NAM, Annabelle Leray

Angela Kulerski

I would recommend Balwant Kaur very highly and with absolutely no qualms as a Teacher and Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga. I met Balwant in 2014 when I went to attend a Kundalini Yoga class. From the first moment I met her I felt a connection straight away. Balwant taught the class in a very professional yet heart centred way. I could see that each student in the class was just as important and valued as everyone else attending. Balwant has an abundance of compassion, a nurturing manner yet knows when to push through when it is called for to achieve the best results for each individual student in the class. At the end of the class I always felt like I was a new person. The body had a good workout, my energy levels were restored and the spirit was renewed and refreshed. Balwant so impressed me that I went on to do Kundalini Yoga teacher training. As a Teacher Trainer she really knows her Kundalini Yoga inside and out. I could not of asked for a better Teacher Trainer. As a Teacher and Teacher Trainer Balwant shines on all levels. Kind Regards Angela Kulerski (Raj Amrit)

Meegan Quarry

I have been attending Kundalini Yoga classes with Kathy McLean / Balwant Kaur since early 2018. I have found Balwant to be an amazing teacher extremely knowledgeable and intuitive with her students. Balwant is very gifted at drawing the best out of her students with a firm and encouraging nature. I have learnt so much from Balwant and feel very blessed to have her as my teacher. Kind Regards Meegan Quarry

Valda Veigurs

I have been a student of Kathy McLean since 2005 when she introduced me to Kundalini yoga which has become a rich resource for my physical and mental wellbeing. Kathy is an excellent yoga practitioner who, through her energy, enthusiasm and accomplished communication skills, has brought so many students like myself not only to enjoy but also become committed to our yoga practice. She has inspired us to further engage our love of yoga and its benefits not only through our regular classes but also encouraging our interests and individual pursuits by providing and/or facilitating a diverse range of workshops and courses. As a yoga teacher, Kathy is highly attuned to her students and their diverse range of experiences and physical needs. Classes are well structured but adaptable; instructions and explanations are very clear and alternatives are provided so all can fully participate at their own level. Kathy has a gift for building community through her empathy and openness. Students feel safe and confident to share thoughts and experiences which support their own practice and that of the other students. As connections are made, the nature of the yoga class is enriched. Kathy also encourages students to understand how yoga practice can have a positive impact on lives beyond the yoga class. In my experience, Kathy McLean is a highly professional yoga teacher with a deep knowledge of her practice, who communicates her passion for Kundalini yoga in ways that inspire and connect with her students.

Barry Hill

I have known Kathy McLean/Balwant Kaur for ten years now. Before attending her Kundalini Yoga classes, I had tried two other types Iyengar and Integral Yoga. While they were interesting I did not feel they helped with my anxiety problem. From the first lesson with Balwant, I instantly bonded with Kundalini Yoga and with her. Her gentle and helpful approach appealed to me and I have been 'hooked' ever since. She creates a real relationship with her students and makes accommodations to the asanas to ensure each student gets the most out of each class. She also has a wide knowledge of asanas for varying conditions and her yoga nidra lessons are legendary! She has become a lifelong friend and because of her I have never lost my love of Kundalini Yoga. I have since had two knee replacements but am still able to practise thanks to her advice on how to adapt asanas for different conditions. I would highly recommend her as a senior teacher to anyone who wishes to follow the 'true' yoga, improve themselves physically and mentally and find the perfect teacher to help them develop their skills.

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