Kendra Boone

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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Kendra is a highly trained complementary health care practitioner with 25 years of clinical experience, integrating Yoga Therapy and Holistic Massage Therapy. Kendra creates a safe learning environment where you can access your own innate healing resources and begin a mindful journey toward greater self-awareness and wellbeing. Emphasis is on self-development with a commitment to higher self-care.

Her group courses and private programs reflect her certification in iRest®level 1 meditation, Mindful Yoga Therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, as well as extensive clinical experience with pain, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Many of her private clients have been referred from mental health organisations, at a time when their care plan required a more biopsychospiritual approach to their wellbeing and healing journey.

Mindfulness Yoga Courses 

Mindfulness Yoga is a holistic therapeutic style of yoga that embodies mindfulness techniques to build self-regulation and self-awareness skills, reduce stress responses, build resilience and encourage a compassionate self-inquiry.

It is a breath-based viniyoga practice directed by the principles of mindfulness meditation and trauma-sensitive yoga

Classes are in Woden.

Private and group Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy or Yoga Chikitsa is a complementary system of healthcare that empowers and supports you to actively participate in your health and well being, using the principles of yoga. It is a genuine healing modality, as it focuses on assisting the whole individual, rather than focusing on the condition. It is a highly individualized prescriptive process that promotes small, regular sustainable lifestyle and behavioural changes, daily practice and regular communication. Yoga therapy can be practised along with conventional medical treatments. This evidence-based complementary therapy is particularly effective at improving mental health, anxiety and depression.

Kendra is available in private practice in Braddon and Kambah and offers in-service appointments to patients at Hyson Green Psychiatric ward at Calvary Hospital.

Kendra is a health fund registered practitioner.

The Wellness Space

Willbow St, Phillip, ACT, 2902

Canberra Yoga Space

+61 417 423 804
13 Botany Street , Phillip, ACT, 2606

Flourish Yoga

62/28 Mort Street , Braddon, ACT, 2612

Kendra Healing Arts

5 Boustead Circuit, Kambah, ACT, 2902


Location Class Days Time
Canberra Yoga Space, Phillip Yoga RELAX Fridays 9.30am
The Wellness Space, Phillip Yoga MINDBODY Mondays 6pm
The Wellness Space, Phillip Yoga MINDBODY Mondays 9.30am
Flourish Yoga Private Yoga Therapy Wednesdays and Fridays all day

"The land of healing lies within, radiant with the happiness that is blindly sought in a thousand outer directions. "

Swami Vivekananda

what people are saying about Kendra Boone

Natalie Truong

Yoga Therapy Sessions really brought into focus for me that yoga is so much more than just the asana


'I enjoy mindfulness yoga because it allows me to focus on my internal energy, to find peace and stillness in my mind and body as I move through the postures. It is now an integral part of my spiritual practice each day'. Pauline

Kim Senini

'Mindfulness (when I remember to do it) means I don't react as fast or fly off the handle as easily.

Jolanta Skawinski

yoga is a very special experience to me, it always was. In a "secret" way it connects body and mind and does special things to my is a quiet action, but very powerful one. It balances my energy and elevates it to a healthy level. It helps me to focus on important things in life - I feel healthier, happier, lighter, more relaxed, more balanced, more independent from disturbing energies and more in control of my life. I can handle stress better and can perform better in working environment. I am also more patient in my private life.

Katrina Hinton

Kendra has a wealth of healing skills and knowledge but it's the way she integrates them and connects with you as a client which makes her offering so unique and so valuable. Kendra is one of the rare souls I think of as a natural healer. I feel immediately at ease and in safe and nurturing hands during her reflexology treatments; your feet are her window into your whole being.

Hanna Kael

I love what you do, and I can't wait to get started on the program. I definitely have felt more balanced since yesterday's session. Out of all the help that I've sought over the years, I absolutely gel the most with what you do. I know I'm in a place where I'm more able to receive also, but I always feel a shift take place in me after doing yoga with you. I love your holistic, intuitive approach, and feel the honor you hold for yourself and those you work with. This is truly unique and precious. Much gratitude to you, and your beautiful work :)

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