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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


After completing a Bachelor Degree in Science (majoring in chemistry and biochemistry) at Sydney University, Kylie began teaching yoga in 1996.  Kylie practiced intensely in various forms of yoga such as Okido Yoga, Ki Yoga, and Astanga Yoga and completed a four-year apprenticeship style of training with Body Mind Unlimited in Sydney to teach Hatha Yoga.

She completed her formal training, a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, through Enlightened Events in 2014. She works extensively in Yoga Therapy with private and group classes from her yoga studio and within the health system in eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and general Mood Disorder programs. She has extensive experience in Yoga therapy for fertility and pre and postnatal periods and has presented her approach at The Australian Yoga Therapy Conference which includes an understanding of the Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine patterns of disorder for improving fertility.

Her experience is deep, wide, and varied in yoga, meditation, and healing modalities which is incorporated into her yoga therapy practice. Over many years, Kylie explored the chakra system and energy reading in particular the amazing healing qualities of the heart chakra with Karima Hinterleitner, long-term follower of the enlightened Mystic Osho. Kylie worked closely with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher Angela Zhu and trained with Japanese Yoga teachers such as Peter Masters of Zen Central and Jack Marshall of Zen Renaissance Centre. She believes her intimate scientific understanding at a biochemical level helped her to experience the ancient practices with an open mind and the observation of a true scientist. Over time Kylie developed a deep trust in the amazing healing abilities of the body and mind.

Whilst pregnant with her first child in 2001, Kylie trained as a childbirth educator and doula at Birthing Rites Australia. At this time she began to specialise in prenatal yoga inspired by the works of Janet Balaskas and moved further into this field and qualified as a registered Calmbirth® Practitioner with Peter Jackson in Bowral. This training involves the latest application of scientific understanding of the mind/body healing abilities, in particular, the relaxation response and the application to childbirth. Kylie is an advocate for human rights in childbirth and minimising the unnecessary trauma that can occur during this most vital time of a person's life.

The sum of this experience is currently in practice at the center that Kylie established in 2007 - The Concord Yoga Studio and The Sydney Pregnancy Centre which then was expanded and renamed Balance Yoga Sydney. She closed the studios during the pandemic and continues to offer yoga therapy, classes, and training at a variety of locations. 

Birchtree Centre of Excellence

58 Parramatta rd, Forest Lodge, NSW, 2027


Location Class Days Time
Birchtree Centre, Forest Lodge Yoga For Trauma Recovery Wed and Thu 1-2:30 pm Wed, 5-6:30 pm Wed, 2-3:30 pm Thu and 5-6:30 pm Thu, Individual sessions available

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