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Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist

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Leigh Blashki commenced the practice of meditation and yoga in 1968 and is widely regarded as the father of yoga therapy in Australia. He was the founder of  the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy, is a Past-President of Yoga Australia, a member of the Council of Advisors for Yoga Australia, member of the Board of Directors of the IAYT  and served the IAYT  on their Standards, Accreditation and Certification Committees.

With influence and training from a number of traditions and teachers, including Sri Yogendra, Swami Gitananda, A.G. Mohan and Dr. Richard Miller, Leigh has taught yoga and meditation for over 40 years and had over 350 graduates from his Yoga teacher training and Yoga therapy training courses. More recently he has immersed himself in the sharing of  Dr Richard Miller's iRest (integrative restoration) and is Certified iRest Teacher and certification supervisor. He also serves in a voluntary capacity as the Associate Director - Australasia for the Integrative Restoration Institute.

He  has post-graduate qualifications in Health Sciences and Yoga Therapy and under-graduate qualifications in Counselling, Human Performance, Massage, Nutrition, Yoga and Ayurveda.

As a founding member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia, Leigh took a leading role in 2001 in establishing a unified set of standards and code of practice for Yoga teachers in Australia. He was actively involved in the establishment of standards for Yoga Therapy practice and training in Australia, initially through his role as founding secretary of the AAYT and more recently as an advisor to the Yoga Australia yoga therapy working group.

In July 2017  Leigh transitioned into vanaprastha - the third stage of life according to the Vedic tradition, in which more time is spent in deep svadhyaya, personal practice and mentoring, while stepping back from many previous professional and family roles.

He continues to teach iRest to selected individuals or groups and is an iRest supervisor and mentor. While having stepped back from many prior activities, Leigh still conducts occasional workshops, retreats, satsangs and conference presentations.


03 5942 7484
67 Lilliput Lane, PAKENHAM, VIC, 3810

Leigh Blashki

67 Lilliput Lane, Pakenham, VIC, 3810

""Apprehend this moment to comprehend eternity""

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