Linda Rago

Hatha, Japanese - Oki do, Therapeutic, Medical.

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher


Linda is trained in the principles of Hatha Yoga, Oki do Yoga & Meiso Shiatsu by Master Yuji Yahiro, Master Mikito Nagai and others.  She has also studied "Integrated Breathing Practices' with Dr Rosalba Courtney, a leading scientific researcher into the benefits of breath work. Currently Linda has Beach Yoga classes focussing on 'Breath & Meditation' and 'Asana & Correctives'  at Point Lookout on Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island) and in Stanthorpe on The Granite Belt (Queensland).  She is perhaps best known for Beach Yoga on Home Beach where her classes are guided by the condition of those who attend, seasonal weather conditions and the prinicipals of functional anatomy.  Her research and study is led by her Meiso Shiatsu training where yoga flows into treatment through pressure, breathing rhythm, positive mind & prayer.  Linda has organised international conferences, retreats and smaller workshops on North Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast, Mornington Peninsular, Melbourne, Italy and Japan.  She has served as President & Vice President of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia.  Workshops include Pain Management, Right Left Side Imbalances, Chronic Lower Back Pain, "Truth Possibility Change', 'Empower and Engage' and'Breathing, Breathing, Breathing'. Linda is also passionate about her teaching and treatment work in the Aged and Frail sector of her local communities.




Linda Rago

07 3409 8020
Point Lookout, QLD

"Your mind is like a parachute - works much better when it's open. ÃÆâ"

Elsa May McLoghlin - Maternal Grandmother 1910 - 2013.

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