Lisa Gawned

Registered Yoga Therapist

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


My journey towards yoga began following an accident involving a vehicle fire from which I narrowly escaped; unharmed physically, but subsequently suffering severe panic attacks. In the weeks after the accident, people would ask how I was; my answer was always "really good thanks" but I certainly wasn't on the inside. I was having panic attacks my heart would race and feel tight; I would sweat; and then this invariably followed by trembling hands.

I heard about yoga and how beneficial it was for all types of ailments, including panic attacks. So I attended my first class at a well know school in Subiaco and stuck with it. My panic attacks started to fade as I learnt to control my breath, slow my mind and go within my body. I had been practising yoga for over ten years and found it so beneficial that I decided to share my experience with others, to help them overcome some troubling ailment in their lives.

To further my knowledge I went to Sydney and studied at the International Institute of Yoga and Meditation. There I read an article about Shri Swami Sivananda Maharaj of Rihikesh and Shri Krishnamacharya, the two gurus responsible for the huge amount of yoga taught today. After reading this article I decided to go and live in an ashram for a time to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga. And so, I went to the Sivananda Ashram in Canada.

Living in the ashram was life-changing for me. The knowledge and depth of experience gained has enriched my life; so much so that I decided to open a yoga centre in 2004 called Sevenergy in South Fremantle. My goal was to create a space to share with other teachers like myself who had previously found it hard to find suitable space to teach from so they could also share their experience and knowledge with others in our community.

Some time later I became ill with glandular fever and a kidney infection, my own practice and teaching was put on hold. I travelled to Bali many times, seeking solitude at yoga schools and healers, trying to recover and regain my discipline.

I then went on to design a 100% biodegradable natural yoga mat called Mukha. For more information please go to www.mukha.com.au. This proved to be quite stressful and once again I manifested another illness within my body. I attended a ten day Vipassana meditation retreat and to my specialist surprise, made a full recovery.

I now make time each day to practice yoga and meditation, as it has proven to me it may help oneself overcome any challenge that presents at any stage on ones journey through life.

With over 20 Years of practicing yoga, I Continue to expand my knowledge and experiences through daily practice, courses and studies.

To complement these experiences in yoga, I completed Remedial Massage Therapist Diploma. Certificate in Dry Needling qualification and Registered Diploma of Yoga Therapist. 

Lisa Gawned

South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA, 6162

"3 things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. "


what people are saying about Lisa Gawned

Phil Doring

I have known Lisa since approximately 2007. For the most of that time I regularly attended Sevenergy Yoga in South Fremantle which was professionally managed by Lisa. Classes ,mostly taken by Lisa, included Yoga and Sound meditation. Lisa made fantastic efforts to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of attendees and I benefited greatly from the classes in terms of health and wellbeing. I always look forward to attending Lisa's classes and thoroughly recommend her as a yoga teacher.

Tara Stroud

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Gawned over 10 years ago, when I happened across her as a massage therapist. Having struggled through the early, stressful months of being a first time mother,I visited Lisa for a massage and I have never looked back. I've also had the pleasure of having Lisa teach me in beginners' yoga through a guided process designed to give therapeutic benefit and confidence to new yoga participants. Through her yoga sessions and ensuing conversation,I can confidently say that Lisa has taught me to breathe and simply be in the moment- something that has been of great benefit to me mentally, physically and emotionally, and allowing me to connect on a deeper level with my daughter from infancy through her pre-teen years. She is a rare and remarkable person; honest, loyal and generous,and someone I feel I've been fortunate to know, as a care-giver and teacher.

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