Lois Whiteman


Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher


I have practised yoga since I first discovered it as a teenager in rural New Zealand. In the late 1990's as part of my social work practice with refugees recovering from severe psychological trauma I, with the support of a yoga teacher, established yoga classes for clients. This inspired me to train as a yoga teacher. I completed my yoga teacher training with Radiant Light Yoga in 2003. For nine years I taught classes in the community, for refugee clients and for the counselling and support staff who worked daily with traumatised clients. I then took a break from teaching to concentrate on my own practice. I have now returned to teaching. 

My yoga teaching is informed by my deep knowledge and experience as a trauma therapy social worker. My classes deeply explore asana, pranayama and deep relaxation/meditation. For further information visit my website listed below.

I teach 3 classes per week at Bo Tree Therapies on Brisbane.

Yoga Therapy:

As a psychotherapist I have 30 years experience in working with those who have emotional and mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, complex trauma, etc. In all these areas I have observed the mind-body interplay and take a somatic based approach to recovery if indicated. Having become a yoga teacher and undertaking workshops with Donna Farhi and Radiant Light yoga on yoga therapy and restorative yoga, I offer yoga therapy to those experiencing emotional stress, anxiety, depression and/or the effects of trauma. Yoga therapy involves a thorough assessment, individualised guidance and yoga practice plan to meet your needs with reviews as necessary.

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