Marta Skrzypczak

Vinyasa Yoga , Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga and Vinyasa Flow based on Ashtanga principles

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher


I am a Registered Senior Yoga Australia Teacher and also experienced Yoga Teacher of E-RYT® 500, with 1000hrs YTTC and YACEP® (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®), certified by the International Yoga Alliance organization.

I’m a Lead Yoga Teacher, Author & Designer of accredited Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice and Teaching Course and Co-designer of Advanced Diploma of Holistic Yoga practices at CSF (College of Sports & Fitness in Sydney, Australia), where I teach current and future Yoga teachers how to become a professional Yoga Teacher at an advanced level and other Yogic practitioners how to start and improve their personal Yoga practice.  Now I’m creating new online courses with CSF.Online for anyone who is interested in improving their Wellbeing on daily basis.

I’m passionate about Yoga teaching and happy to share Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing philosophy with others so they can live a healthier, happier and more balanced life.
I’m a motivated Yogini with a creative mindset and specialisation in Hatha, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga principles.

My mission is to encourage others to live their own truth. I love inspiring my students to improve their Wellbeing, both on and off the mat with various Yoga and Mindfulness techniques as well as a Yoga Philosophy foundation. 

what people are saying about Marta Skrzypczak

Silvija Almonaitiene

Marta is a wonderfully insightful, inspiring, professional Yoga teacher! Her classes radiate with positive energy and will leave you feeling stronger, both physically and mentally... Marta guides her yoga students through deeply spiritual experience, which leaves the mind clear, the body renewed and the spirit at peace with the world. 28/09/2017

Yukari Uematsu

I was introduced to Miss Marta Skrzypczak's yoga in March 2018 and have been attending her classes in Summer Hill every week since then. Our class is all for retirees and I think Marta designs the class extremely well for our age group: sometimes gentle and calming but sometimes challenging. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to keep myself fit and maintain a peaceful state of mind. When I started her class almost 2 years ago, I was in deep grief and depression after I lost my partner to cancer. Marta and the small class she created has given me a great deal of support to keep myself going. I believe what she can offer me and the society as a whole are not only physical exercise of yoga but also positiveness, mindfulness, kindness and spirituality. I keep admiring Marta's inspirational character and the quality of a leader and a human being. I hope her class continues for years to come. 12/03/2020

Maria L. Xavier

I started yoga classes with Marta in May 2017 and finished in November 2019, after I moved away from Sydney's inner west where I was living. The classes were conducted in Summer Hill and they were a mixture of Gentle Hatha style, Vinyasa style but also integrating elements of Yin Yoga. I am using this medium to express my gratitude in regards to Martas critical role in engendering enthusiasm in a middle aged woman to fall in love with the practice of yoga. The classes were incredibly motivating because Marta fine tuned the hourly practice customising it to the needs of the class of the day. This is a skill I had not yet encountered in various other classes I undertook. It propelled me to jump out of bed on the day we had class and look forward to the immersion in both the physical and mental exercise, both of which are of incredible benefit to me. The other skill Marta possesses (and this one, I believe, comes from the crossroad of her particular temperament and the fact that Marta is doing something she truly loves) is the joviality, sense of fun, soft but determined way (lets call it what it is: Leadership) in which Marta engenders in each participant the belief I will try and eventually I will learn how to do it. Once again, for people who have long passed their youth, reaching this mindset is like finding a fountain of youth, long ago buried inside oneself. It is my sincere wish that Marta be permitted to continue her studies, her classes, her personal journey in Australia. I will do what is within my reach to ensure that Martas valuable contribution to the betterment of society is conducted in this country. Thank you for your consideration to this matter. I am hoping it will yield a favourable outcome for Marta and all of us. 21/11/2019

Arianna De Martino

Yoga, my Love When I start to study it I was expecting to learn yoga body alignment, breathing and meditation techniques. Then I started the course and I was so surprised ...I discover so much more than only yoga postures and some other techniques! Since I started the Advanced Diploma of Yoga my life is changing every single day and evey day I find out new milions of reason to be in love with yoga and its holistic approach. One of this is ... that I found the right place where I can learn yoga and the right poeple they teach me High level of teachers, spacious yoga studio for practice and our own yoga theory room at CSF. A millions of thanks to CFS Team to create this space. Namaste. Special thanks to my amazing Yoga Teacher Marta Skrzypczak. Arianna De Martino - graduate of Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice 17/02/2020

Pawel Zerebiecki

I've met Marta in College of Sport and Fitness on Sport Coaching course. She was teaching yoga and encouraged me to continue study at Advanced Diploma in Yoga where she was a main teacher. Because of her passion and commitment to help others understand and know the art of yoga, I am happy to continue studies on this course. Marta is an amazing teacher who can inspire to go much further in life, and she goes way beyond the theoretical and practical knowledge which course provide. She always do her best to help participants of yoga course and treat everyone individually. I am grateful that I have opportunity to be taught by Marta and that she is my leader in Yoga journey. Can't recommend her more! Pawel Zerebiecki - graduate of Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice 3/03/2020

Barbara Konkolowicz

In April 2017 I engaged Marta to teach gentle yoga to my very elderly, blind and frail mother, Regina, who had just become a resident in the nursing home section of Opal Cardinal Freeman Village, Ashfield NSW. I chose Marta for both her expertise in yoga teaching and her lovely personality. Marta was careful, thoughtful and creative with the movements she designed for mum. It was also a huge bonus that Marta could speak Polish, Reginas native language. I saw my mother benefit greatly from her sessions with Marta and I was absolutely delighted with the caring and focused way in which Marta related to her. Some months later Marta began working at Concentric, the in-house rehabilitation physiotherapy clinic at the Village. Regina signed up for a program there and Marta assisted her in her rehabilitation sessions. Mum was confident having Marta by her side and I could see that the clinic staff loved Marta working there. In May 2017 I started attending a small group yoga class in Summer Hill taught by Marta. It was a gentle Hatha and Vinyasa class with elements of Yin Yoga. I was 67 years old at the time, the eldest in our group of older women. Marta designed a program specific to our needs. I have benefitted by gaining greater flexibility, improving my balance and being more relaxed. I have continued attending Martas classes because she is a wonderful teacher. She pays great attention to each individual participant and has the knowledge and experience to devise movements that are pitched to appropriate levels. I believe that the yoga teacher training that Marta undertook in India, has given her own teaching a unique dimension. Marta is always well prepared and focused and engenders confidence. In our class each of us carries out the 2 different yoga movements to our personal limits. From week to week we grow and improve. Marta has a lovely, calm voice and uses this together with all her skills, to orchestrate a perfect rhythm with which we move. I have attended other yoga classes on and off over many years and I can say with confidence that Marta teaches her classes with a high level of expertise, professionalism and warmth. I can feel Martas love for her subject and for her students. This is why we all keep going back. I have got to know Marta very well over the time she has been in Australia, both as a teacher and as a friend. In my professional life I was a high school teacher for 20 years, I worked as a teacher/lecturer in the Public Programs Department at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and then as a curator at the Historic Houses Trust (now Sydney Living Museums). I feel I can say with some authority, that Marta is an outstanding teacher. She has a deep and extensive knowledge of her subject. She apprehends different peoples needs and is able to deliver quality programs that have lasting benefits. Marta applies sound teaching methods to them and is always thoroughly prepared and punctual. I wholeheartedly recommend Marta as a yoga teacher to any organisation. Everyone would benefit from employing her. Marta applies a mindful approach to everything she does. She is friendly, has a happy disposition and always does her best. 13/03/2020

Marguerite Barber

Marta Skrzypczak has been engaged as a contractor trainer and assessor for the CIV in Yoga Teaching with Australian College of Dance since 25/01/2018. At the time of Martas engagement, she was ALGs first Yoga Trainer. Though-out this time Marta has continuously excelled in her role. She is a pleasure to work with, bringing attention to detail into every aspect of her job role. She endeavours to mentor and guide students through her exceptional communication skills and ensures both VET and company standards are adhered to. Within her role, Marta has been responsible for: Mentoring diverse international students Marking of CIV in Yoga Teaching qualifications. I can highly recommend Marta for any positions that come her way. Her knowledge is an asset to both the industry, and to the students she guides. Should the opportunity to engage Marta arise again within any area of Yoga education, I would recommend her as an ideal candidate. Due to her exceptional standards, I would personally strive to work with Marta at any available future opportunity. Marguerite Barber - Head Trainer Yoga and Dance at Australian Learning Group 09/03/202

Max Atmaca

Marta Skrzypczak has been a valued employee of Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre, Health and fitness Department for almost 3 years, November 2017 to present. During this time, she showed herself to be very capable in all areas of Group Fitness instruction. As an exceptional Yoga Teacher, Marta is delivering high level yoga session for LPAC members. She has a strong following of members & guests who are confident and happy with her professional and sincere attitude and style. Her enthusiasm and initiative, especially in relation to the above task, showed her highly desirable qualities as a potentially valuable employee. I have no hesitation in recommending Marta for any future endeavours she may wish to pursue. Max Atmaca - Health and Fitness Team Leader L.P.A.C 10/04/2020

Tamsyn Willoughby

It was my pleasure to welcome Marta into the Life Skills Group (LSG) in January 2018. As a senior teacher and lead teacher of the LSG programs I trained her and mentored her till December 2018. After her first training, Marta very soon became a kind and compassionate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, working with different age groups from Kindergarten to Year 6 across different primary schools in New South Wales from Summer Hill PS, Granville PS, Kingswood PS, Kurnell PS, and the Public School in Galston. During her classes Marta used different yoga and mindfulness techniques provided by the LSG program and applied them mindfully during her sessions. Here are some examples of the schoolteachers feedback from Kingswood Public School as LSG is gathering and monitoring the feedback twice per school term to make sure that each teacher is delivering the LSG program in the best possible way: Daren teacher at Kingswood PS: Miss Marta is a calming influence and does a great job teaching students to be mindful and focussed. Taryn - teacher at Kingswood PS: It has been wonderful watching the changes in my class from the beginning until now. Thanks Marta! It has taught my students that they can work positively with each other. Students have become calmer in the classroom and have become more mindful of their need to relax their minds during lesson breaks. Marta is kind, generous and enthusiastic about teaching yoga! Having observed Marta at the beginning of her journey with LSG and later on during mentoring sessions, I can definitely confirm, supported by feedback from schoolteachers, that Marta is a kind and caring teacher. She worked together with classroom teachers to make positive changes in childrens behaviours, both in and out of school. As a member of a team, Marta is hardworking and committed. She tries her best, takes on feedback with a positive attitude and is open for learning. As a teacher, Marta is friendly and approachable. She interacts positively with others and engages well with different types of people. I highly recommend her to any organisation. Tamsyn Willoughby - Kid's Yoga and Mindfulness Lead Teacher Life Skills Group 08/03/2020

Yogi Sanjeev Semwal

I would like to share my experience with Yogini Marta, who is such a beautiful soul with strong skills. Marta has done her 200 hours YTTC from RishikeshYTTC and I was one of her teachers. I have trained her in Ashtanga, Hatha, Teaching Methodology and Yoga Class Adjustments. Marta is a very dedicated and professional Yoga enthusiast. She has all those qualities of a great Yoga teacher. Her classes are solid, well structured in a nice and warming atmosphere. She can deal with any kind of situation during the regular Yoga classes and Yoga retreats . Marta is a very creative and approachable person. Anyone can share their ideas with her and she is always willing to share her knowledge and help everyone around. She is a unique soul, who really wants to help others and make a difference in this world. Her dream is big and I am 100% sure she will achieve her target. I highly recommend her to those who are looking for a private yoga class, group yoga classes, retreats or any other yoga project. Namaste, Yogi Sanjeev Semwal RishikeshYTTC (foothills of Himalayas) C.E.O of the Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center 12/09/2018

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