Mary Dalton (Bhadra Priya)

Adults, Therapeutic, Restorative , Gentle Gita, Postnatal, Hatha, Seniors, Corporate, Integral (Satchidananda), Gitananda, Pregnancy, General, Adolescents, Therapeutic, Registered Yoga Therapist,

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Mary started practicing Yoga in the seventies and has been teaching for over 30 years.  Her first Teaching Dipolma was with Yoga for Health, where she later completed their remedial training.  Mary is a Yoga Therapist and also a Pilates teacher and worked extensively with Physios and Chiro rehabilitation in the U.K.

Mary runs group classes for people looking to enhance their life through yoga and also offers private tuition and small groups, families and privates, for those who have concerns about being "the new guy" and want to get up to speed before joining a group class, or with specific health needs such as breast and other cancers, multiple sclerosis and other neuro muscular- skeletal injuries, ME /CFS/ Fibromyalgia,   back pain, arthritis, stress/insomnia, high blood pressure , depression and anxiety.  Mary has a particular interest in managing complex persistant pain conditions and is also a pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher.  

Living in Brampton (UK) there was an active RAF base and she worked with large groups of fit service men and women.  Mary is therefore happy to work with both men & women, all ages and abilities.

Mary undertakes continuing professional development training each year and since 1992 has been a student of Swami Dharmanada Saraswati Maharaj.  Under swamiji's guidance she has been able to explore and develop yoga, meditation and healing practices, incorporating the physical and spiritual aspect into her life.

Mary Dalton

08 9756 7380
"The Studio", 13 Peppermint Drive, Dunsborough, WA, 6281

Naturaliste Community Centre

08 9756 7380
Dunsborough Lakes Drive , Dunsborough, WA, 6281


Location Class Days Time
Naturaliste Community Cenre Yoga Monday 7.30-9.00p.m.
Naturaliste Community Center Pilates & Body Work Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 6.15-7.15p.m.
Naturaliste Community Centre Pilates & Body Work Wednesday 9.30a.m.
"The Studio" 13 Pepermint Pilates Small Groups Monday & Tuesday 9.15-10.30 & 10.30-11.45a.m.
"The Studio" 13 Peppermint Drive Yoga/ Yoga Therapy / P{ilates Private Rehab., Tuesday p.m., Wednesday from 11.00a.m. Thursday a.m. 9.00a.m. onwards

"I believe that I forfeit the right to teach if I cease to learn. I therefore continue to learn and uphold a regular personal yoga practice and lifestyle."

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