Meggan Brummer

Hatha, General

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Born in Zimbabwe, Meggan has been practising yoga since she was 4 years old.

In 1999, she left London & the corporate world & travelled the globe for a year, searching for a way to make her life meaningful & fulfilling.

She became a yoga teacher in Varanasi — India’s city of light & after a year of working in Zimbabwe as a yoga teacher & journalist, moved to live in Australia.

Meggan balances motherhood with a variety of interests & work.

She’s a Sydney based Marriage Celebrant, a corporate wellness consultant & an internationally published writer. 

You may have read her yoga articles in Wellbeing Magazine since 2001. 

Her passion is working as a volunteer teacher with the Art of Living Foundation, teaching Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's courses, predominantly The Happiness Program & the Sri Sri Yoga Course. 

, Mosman, NSW,

what people are saying about Meggan Brummer

Jo Kelly

Meggan's full of enthusiasm & wisdom. After the yoga course with her I felt so deeply relaxed, like my whole body had received a complete clearing, energizing & relaxation. I highly recommend the course with her. She's SUCH a great teacher.

Josette Aggarwal

"Sri Sri Yoga is an amazing life-changing practice."

Christi Holiday

"I recommend this yoga to anyone looking to experience profound peace of mind."

Leanne Varga Disability Advocate & Yoga Teacher

"Sudarshan kriya's helped me keep an even keel over the last 20 years. As soon as I did the course I wished I'd done it ages ago. Totally life-changing."

Raj Dalal Founder & Principal BigInsights

What I learnt on the Breath & Meditation workshop with Meggan brought peace & joy in my life. It also gave me unshakable strength & courage to pursue my dream.

Jo Kelly Musician, Teacher & Ayurvedic Practitioner

The Breath & Meditation workshop took me from chronic fatigue to chronic happiness!

Sharron Doran Business Consultant

I wish I'd come across the Breath & Meditation much sooner. It gave me the tools to help stay calm no matter how stressful things are.

Maddy King, Sydney Model

For about 3 years I had not been feeling very well. I was always fatigued. My mind was foggy & I'd get emotional over little things. I got every sickness that came my way. I would sleep all night & wake up feeling like I hadn't slept. I was not myself. I saw many doctors, specialists, healers. I was told I had adrenal fatigue. Unfortunately, no treatments seemed to work for long. Finally I got myself to a Happiness course (in person version of the online Breath & Meditation Workshop). After the first night of doing sudarshan kriya, I felt a huge change in my whole body. After almost 3 years & nothing working, a simple breathing technique changed my life. I now feel amazing ... back to the old me.

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