Michelle Morrison

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


I originally commenced practising yoga to help with reducing stress and anxiety that often comes along with working a corporate job.  I quickly realised the benefits that yoga offered not only for stress and anxiety but for many aspects of my life.  I have found through practising yoga my life has been enriched, my relationships are fuller and stronger, I find strength, courage and energy I never realised I had within me and I have a deep sense of love, peace and kindness for life and all it holds. Best of all yoga has taught me to see the funny side of life and to keep smiling no matter what life brings.

I fell in love with yoga and it was from this place of love and wanting to share the gifts of yoga with others that I completed my yoga teaching training under the knowledgeable and wonderful teachers at the Fremantle Yoga Centre.  I then completed a Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Graduate Diploma with Surya Health/Yoga Space and a Yin Yoga Teacher training with My Health Yoga.  I give thanks to the many wonderful and knowledge teachers I have studied with and continue to study with

I currently teach at Align Body Mind and Soul and MyAllWellbeing studio as well as teaching privately.


Align Body Mind & Soul

See website
1 Landings Blvd, Mandurah, WA, 6210

MyAllWellbeing Yoga Studio

+61 8 9325 6999
55 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000

""Everyone is a gift to this world, yoga helps us unwrap the gift""

what people are saying about Michelle Morrison


In an effort to bring work/life balance into alignment, I was seeking an intervention to attain this goal. With many mental distractions it is a struggle. Yoga is already part of my practice but more was needed. Enter Michelle- she provided an invitation to consider yoga a a pathway to work therapeutically to work with yoga tools to address my stress symptoms and bodily manifestations for release to restoration. Her insight into my distress and her attentiveness is a generous and welcome gift. Thank you Michelle.


Believe, humility, hope, nurture and open the heart, connect and be still. These are some of the important things I have learned through my recent life journey reflections. I came to Yoga/meditation through personal trauma which rendered me stressed and very emotional and the inability to look at people or speak with others. Both Yoga therapy and Yin have been such a positive influence on my personal development. Therapies and asanas to aid with the healing process. From stress to anxiety Michelle's techniques leading me to both body and mind calmness. The therapies taught me how to cry , letting go of tensions and set me on the path of healing. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Michelle for helping me ease some of my suffering and fighting my inner demons. You gave me and shared your space in a non judgmental way. You are such a gracious and lovely soul. I express my gratitude, appreciation and humility for your company on this journey. I hope you can continue to shadow me on my quests Go well beautiful spirit, namaste

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