Pauline Rooney

Classical, Corporate, Hatha, Children, Chair, Pregnancy (Ante-natal, Prenatal and Pregnancy yoga),

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Our motto is `Yoga for everyone and everybody`. InnerCor Yoga teaches the traditional Hatha Yoga style. We can accomodate your needs, either in a class situation or private lessons. We also have experience in corporate seminars. InnerCor Yoga prides itself on giving its students thorough grounding in the varied aspects of Yoga. We also offer quality Yoga products including DVD's and a streamlined clothing range.

Inner Cor @ All Saints Hall

113 Noble Street , Newtown, Victoria, 3220


Location Class Days Time
All Saints 113 Noble St, Newtown 3220 General Yoga Class Monday 7.30pm
All Saints 113 Noble St, Newtown 3220 General Class Tuesday 6pm
All Saints 113 Noble St, Newtown 3220 Advanced Class Wednesday 8pm
All Saints 113 Noble St, Newtown 3220 General Class Friday 9.30am
Vines Road Community Centre, Vines Rd. Hamlyn Heights. General Class Saturday 10.30am
Eastern Hub - 285a MacKillop Street, East Geelong 3219 General Yoga Class Wednesday 6pm

"Step outside the square and live in the circle of life"

Swami Prema Ananda

what people are saying about Pauline Rooney


Hello Pauline. I am so glad to have found you through the Internet. You taught me Hatha Yoga and meditation at the Lara Community Centre for several years, starting in 1990. I had just moved from Melbourne with twin babies. Those babies are now 25 years old...amazing how quickly time has passed. I have thought of you many times over the years as your teachings have provided me with a bedrock that I believe has made a major difference to my life. While dabbling on and off in yoga in those years, I have steadfastly continued with my meditation practice to the point where I credit it with having a huge impact on my mental and physical wellbeing...I find joy, peace, calmness and gratitude. I have learned many techniques and had many teachers over the years, but I have always regarded you as my mentor. I hope life has been wonderful for you over the years. I am so grateful you came into my life and just wanted to let you know, and give my thanks. Love and light, Jill.

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