Robert Findlay

Mindful, slow, hatha, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation.

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher


I'm a bit of an accidental teacher. Yoga saved my life a couple of times during crisis and it was coming through the second of these - marriage breakdown, midlife crisis I decided to go on a retreat with my Yoga school. I got loved back to life and decided to enrol in the teaching stream to deepen my practice, not through any desire to lead classes.

In my Yoga school the teacher training was ongoing and not really finite. You assisted the main teacher Sam, did assignments when he gave them out and just kept practising. Sam was made a teacher by BKS Iyengar back in the days when he would just tap you on the shoulder and say "you may teach", which is what Sam did to me one day; tapped me on the shoulder and said it was time for me to have a class of my own.

10 years later, Sam has left this life and I still teach the same class and have some of the same students. I teach for service not for money. I donate my class to the welfare of my Yoga school. It was one of the very first in Perth and has created connections and bonds that cross generations. Sam's life & business partner Sydel Weinstein still runs it and still puts her heart every day into creating community and connection.

Yoga is the central pillar in my life. I believe that as Ken Wilber puts it enlightenment is the summum bonum of human existence. I believe that everything is energy and we are all actually the same thing. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness. We are here trying to wake up from the illusion that we are separate. Yoga gives me the strength and the willingness to try each day to become a better person. To do my bit for the evolution of the great connected energy we all are.

I'm also a qualified counsellor and a lifelong professional musician. I love the ocean, books, my partner, our dog, cooking and above everything I'm trying to stay curious and experience wonder in my day to day, moment to moment existence.

"Yoga is when every cell of the body sings the song of the soul."

BKS Iyengar

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Tore Pedersen

I am a 45-year old father, partner, environmental consultant, cycle commuter and amateur musician. I met Rob seven years ago through a mutual musical friend, and since that time we have regularly played and recorded music together. A little over two years ago, the anxiety which I had experienced for most of my life reached a crescendo and I began to try to understand and manage it in a number of different ways, including psychotherapy, medication (SSRIs) and exercise (cycle commuting). At this time, and with Robs encouragement, I also joined his Friday morning Yin-Yang yoga classes at Home of Yoga, then based in Mosman Park. I immediately became, and remain, one of a group of Robs regular students. Here are some of the reasons I value Robs yoga teaching, and the ways in which his teaching has helped me in my journey with anxiety so far. Rob presents yoga practice as an approach to life rather than just a physical activity carried out in a classroom. During his classes, he regularly shares insights from his life experience and his work as a Counsellor, which have helped me to better understand my own mind and body and to develop my own yoga practice. Robs classes bring together a variety of techniques including held poses, more dynamic sequences, meditation, breathing and sound. I find his explanations of these techniques easy to understand, and his classes have been a catalyst for me to further investigate and incorporate meditation and breathing techniques into my own healing process. Rob also brings his skills and experience as a Counsellor I appreciate Robs ability to plan and improvise classes that seem to me to be in harmony both with the needs of his students and with the seasons in which they take place. I find his classes enjoyable: they are a highlight of my week. I also find them challenging as a yoga beginner with relatively limited flexibility, but with Robs guidance I have learned to slowly relax and create space for my body to move into, rather than instinctively stretching and risking injury. If you have any questions with regard to my experience of Robs yoga teaching, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours Sincerely, Tore Pedersen

Sydel Weinstein

To Whom It May Concern: I have been running Home of Yoga since 1985 in Perth WA with my partner Sam Weinstein (who passed from his body 3 years ago). Home of Yoga was one of three original Yoga centres in Western Australia. I continue to run Home of Yoga as a place of community, connection, yoga & healing now under the umbrella non-profit Heart Place. Sam Weinstein trained in India under BKS Iyengar over 40 years ago and also trained with his lifelong mentor Swami Satya Pujari (Ed Keays) who would spend 6 months of the year with BKS Iyengar. Sam was a lifelong practitioner of Yoga since age 16, beloved and respected by many people over the last 35+ years. Rob Findlay has been a student of Home of Yoga for over 25 years and a member of our teacher-training program since 2011. He has attended our Bali retreat and other intensives and was directly mentored by Sam in becoming a teacher. Sam decided towards the end of 2012 that Rob was ready to lead his own class and gave him the 9am Friday morning slot at our school. Since that time, other than holidays and other unavoidable conflicts Rob has turned up every Friday to teach always with enthusiasm and a smile. Rob has held a Friday community of students over 8 years with dedication and ongoing commitment that has been a meaningful contribution to the lives of student attendees and to the overall vision and mission of the centre. Our teachers at the HOY have been mentored over an extended time period, give personalised attention, transfer an understanding of the foundations of alignment-based yoga and teach with compassion. It has been a great pleasure to witness Robs growth as a teacher and student of yoga and the dedication and passion with how he passes this forward to future generations of students. I would highly recommend Rob as a teacher in any setting. His skills are well complemented with his work as a counsellor and studies in trauma and recovery. Kind Regards, Sydel Weinstein

Terry Preston

I have known Rob Findlay for many years as a fellow musician, a recording artist, a yoga instructor, a mentor but most fondly as a great dear mate. Rob supported me through a particularly challenging time in my life with gentleness, compassion and a depth of skill at knowing what to say, when and how, that led to healing and change. I suffered from burnout from over-work and my body went into a state of chronic persistent pain. After seeking every allopathic remedy under the sun, I finally confided in my dear friend what was happening for me. Rob listened intently and was non judgmental of my opinions or observations of what was happening for me and gently offered as potential remedy to attend a yoga class hes was conducting. This was the first time I had someone offer a response wth a gentle action rather than endless discourse on what might be happening for me. I was open to change and decided I would attend his class and learnt some gentle yoga techniques under his tutelage. What struck me of Robs yoga technique was its gentle invitation for the student to make the connection between the mind and the body and to see them allies not enemies. Rob was very attentive, to not only to me, but all the students in the class and had an uncanny knack of knowing what the student was struggling to achieve on any given pose he instructed. I found this enormously helpful. I attended on a weekly basis Robs classes for approximately 18 months. They were never rushed, always had some variety but also a routine you could learn and integrate into your own daily practice. The hour and half classes was always well attended and never once did I leave a classes thinking I wish I did something else. Like a cleansing swim, one leaves the ocean or pool always thinking to oneself, Im so glad I did that...Robs classes were like that for me. What became plainly obvious to me is that Rob practices what he preaches, his life, body and mind have a congruency that is compelling and very endearing. He is obviously well loved by his yoga community and understands well the reciprocity of service to others. This is never done in a begrudging way but with genuine love and compassion to impart his learnings on to other for their own wellbeing. Rob also lives this way in his professional career and as an alcohol and the drug counsellor provides both his clients and society and enormously helpful role. To address the hungry ghosts (addictions) in not only oneself but in others shows, courage, fortitude, compassion and genuine positive regards for all people...or simply stated as love. If you ever get the chance to meet Rob in person, take the time to look into his eyes deeply and instantly you will see a sparkle, a kind of gentleness that radiates for himself and for others. Then you will see without needing to question that Rob Findlay is one of those true genuine souls that always wishes the well of others. A commodity that can be all too rare in these times. I feel truly blessed to call Rob a fellow musician, a mentor a yoga enthusiast but above all a dear mate. Thanks Rob Terry Preston.

Bowen Summerton

I Have known Rob Findlay since October 2011 when we both attended a Yoga retreat with Sam Weinstein. At this time where we were also both attending 6-7 classes of his classes together each week. Later in 2012 we both subsequently joined his teacher training program and after about a year of assisting in 1-2 classes per week, attending weekend teacher instruction days, submitting assignments and class plans Sam gave us permission to begin teaching classes on our own. At this point I began attending Robs Friday class that he started teaching about March in 2013. I attended reasonably regularly up until about 2019. I have attended classes and workshops with people all over the world such as Simon Borg-Olivier, Les Leventhal, Charlie Patton and Tiffany Cruishank. And while Rob may not have as much knowledge of Yoga Anatomy as Simon (who does!) or be able to demonstrate or teach advanced Ashtanga asana like the others may, his ability to communicate his knowledge and integration of the eight limbs of yoga in a practical and meaningful way to help people of diverse range of ages and backgrounds at a level for where they are at on their yoga journey is as good as anyone I have trained with. He is able to share his own personal journey of how yoga has helped him move into a life aligned with the Yamas and Niyama that has come from within in a way that is not forced or pressured but which arises naturally from the regular practice of healthy asana in context of Pranayama , Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana. To this end the classes I have attended have significant periods of long holds and stillness where he will guide the focus of drawing one's awareness inward. He is also able to use external grounding and external focus through the use of asana flow and movement to help loosen, limber and relax the body to aid in the times of the practice that involve inward concentration. In my opinion Robs sequences in doing this are well thought out, guided by his lineage and done in ways that are achievable for people from a wide range of ages and abilities. This is also shown in the number of people that have constantly attended his classes over many years. Rob has a particular gift towards making people new to yoga feel welcome and I have witnessed many people taking up a regular practice as a result of attending his classes. He demonstrates and assists in a way that is attentive and respectful of the needs of the new person. As a practicing psychologist of over 18 years experience I have also observed that Rob is able to teaches yoga in a way that is based on the spiritual practices of the eight limbs mentioned above but he does not add anything that is not truthful or or is misleading that might lead people away from reality just as it is (which obviously includes some mystery!) Yours sincerely Bowen Summerton


I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years and consider myself at an intermediate level. In this time I have been fortunate in having experienced many teachers including some so called international super stars of yoga at workshops and yoga festivals. Rob Findlay has been teaching at the Home of Yoga in Perth for a long time and was mentored by Sam Weinstein who himself completed an intensive apprenticeship in India with B.K.S. Iyengar. Rob is certainly not a 200 hour yoga teacher course graduate. Rob has a deep understanding of the philosophy of yoga and is widely read when it comes to contemporary yoga thinking. He understands the practice of the asanas and where they fit in the philosophy of yoga and what is suitable for people of differing ages and abilities. When yoga schools shutdown earlier this year many long term supporters of the Home of Yoga school were concerned that Rob may take the opportunity to pursue other interests and not return to teaching, but luckily for us he returned as he says he personally benefits as much from teaching as his students do. I understand Rob would like to be recognised as an accredited yoga teacher, I wholeheartedly support his application. Anyone with any doubts as to his suitability for recognition need only attend one of his classes and they would understand why he is held in such high esteem by people who have been yoga devotees of various disciplines for many years. Yours sincerely, Craig Archibald.

Sue Cauchi

I have been going to Rob's yoga classes for 8 years and find him to be an excellent yoga instructor. This is reflected by the number of other students who also regularly attend his classes. Each week he takes his students on a journey of breathwork, asana, relaxation and reflection. His connection to his students comes from his calmness, his ability to adapt to their needs and his openness. I leave his class wonderfully calm and refreshed. This is a class I never want to miss. Sue Cauchi

Jodie Howatt

have been attending Robs yoga classes for the last 5 years. He has loyal group of regulars- both students and teachers of yoga. Rob offers a beautiful, intuitive hatha style class connecting movement, breath and alignment. He finishes his classes with melodic chanting bringing together his talents of music and yoga. I always leave feeling blissful and rejuvenated.

Lydia Cesconetto

Rob Findlay has been my yoga teacher, at the Home of Yoga, for close to 8 years. Robs yoga teachings bear the provenance of his mentorship under the late Sam Weinstein who in turn completed his intensive Teacher Training with B.K.S Iyenga in India. Rob has a breadth of knowledge of yoga philosophy, of diverse traditional and contemporary practices that support his teaching style to connect to a wide range of ages and abilities. His curiosity and questioning of yoga practice in our modern lives assists me to explore and make sense of my yoga journey on and off the mat. Yoga is not just the asanas and the breath work that Rob utilises has helped me deepen my understanding of my mind-body relationship. I strongly support Rob Findlay in becoming an accredited yoga teacher. I value his context of historical and contemporary yoga, his continuing exploration of the mind/body connection, his open curiosity and questioning of yoga practice in our modern lives and the flow of his classes. He is an asset to the Home Of Yoga and would be an asset to any other organisation. Yours sincerely Lidia Cesconetto

Michael Mullin

I have been attending, thoroughly enjoying and greatly benefitting from Robs yoga classes at Home Of Yoga for the past six years. Rob is a very authentic and motivating teacher. As my own journey into the realms of mental and physical health through meditation, mindfulness and exercise have progressed I have come to appreciate more and more the depth and wealth of Robs knowledge and mastery of yoga and its related disciplines. Rob has a very relaxed and descriptive teaching style which makes the pose progressions and their meaning very easy to follow. I would strongly recommend Rob as a yoga and mental/ physical health teacher. Michael Mullins

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