Robyn Jacobs

Corporate, Classical, Dynamic, General, Gentle, Hatha, Pregnancy, Seniors, Therapeutic

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Robyn’s approach to yoga is dynamic, sensitive and introspective. She continues to be a student of yoga and spends time exploring all aspects of yoga, whether in an ashram environment, the home, daily life or in classes.

Through her teaching, students experience improved flexibility and mobility, reduced tension and greater self-awareness. She gently guides students to unfold their true nature and encourages them to be open to new possibilities and purpose.

Robyn runs Therapeutic Yoga classes throughout the year along with regular Hatha Yoga classes that are suited to all levels of experience and capabilities. She is also available for private yoga therapy sessions and corporate yoga classes.

Robyn also runs annual yoga retreats in exotic places. Please see the events page for upcoming retreats.

Robyn Jacobs

0409 191 359
Kallista and Emerald, The Dandenong Ranges, VIC, 3793

Hatha Yoga with Robyn Jacobs

Kallista and Emerald, The Dandenong Ranges, VIC, 3782


Location Class Days Time
Kallista General Hatha Yoga Monday 9.30am, 6pm & 7.30pm
Emerald Therapeutic Yoga Tuesday 6.00pm
Emerald General Hatha Yoga Wednesday 9.30am
In your own home Online yoga classes Monday-Sunday Up to you

"May we live our Yoga"

what people are saying about Robyn Jacobs


I just wished to share with you how much I loved today Im loving learning Yoga with you more and more every week, youre a wonderful teacher and person. I really struggled to get there today but I was so blessed to be in that moment. I feel very blessed for your commitment to all that is good


Robyn Thoughtful Empathetic Articulate, skilful Leading us through With thoughts and body Inspiring, hopeful Giving herself Joining our circle Side by side Healing our Souls Bodies and Hearts A journey so sweet Needs no end And no start A time for ourselves Straight from the heart


Thank you for your gift last night and more importantly for all your support. You and Yoga have helped me make difficult times turn into opportunities of peace, gratitude and growth

I feel very comfortable in Robyns classes she is encouraging and speaks with wisdom in her warm, deep, soothing voice. Robyn takes care to make a beautiful space for our yoga, always flowers and candles. I have come to Yoga at a mature age and feel I dont have to keep up. Robyn accepts us all as we are


Robyn is a wonderful teacher. She has a calm and intuitive style of delivery to the class. She always carefully considers the needs of the students while encouraging and extending their skills, and always with a sprinkle of humour and warmth


Robyn is a gifted and inspiring teacher who creates a beautiful and safe environment which gives students the confidence to explore and extend their potential. She brings to class the knowledge she has gained from her own life, yoga practice and studies to enhance the students understanding of yoga and themselves in the world. Yoga with Robyn is an absolute delight and a deeply nourishing physical, emotional and spiritual experience

Fleur G

Thank you Robyn for teaching me and helping me strengthen my yoga practice, you are the teacher I had been searching for for many years and I have loved every class

Louise C

I have to say that through my newly learned yoga classes, I was able to keep happy, calm and relaxed throughout my week at Cuboree camp this week. The calmness then settled through the others directly involved with me. It was the best time ever with over 3000 youth aged 8 to 11 years old

Sara K

I am loving how what I learned in Goa is in alignment with you and your pathway. Its a privilege that you let me and others share it. Thank you so much. And I cannot tell you how much it helps sometimes for you to remind me that I'm strong and doing well. Its a very hard time having cancer but there is also incredibe joy in finding a new life. Thanks so much for helping me hugely with that.

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