Robyn Lyons

Gita, iRest, Donna Farhi's teaching style, General, Gentle, Corporate, Hatha, Seniors, Meditation and Relaxation

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Member No: 78


Fairfield Wellness Centre

145C Station Street, Fairfield, VIC, 3078

" Yoga is not about the pose. It's not the alignment of the toes or hips or shoulders. It's not about the form. Yoga is an invitation to explore, not a command performance. It speaks the language of the soul. "

Go in and In, Poems from the heart of Yoga by Danna Faulds

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Nicole Wilton Support Programs Manager Ovarian Cancer Australia

we enjoyed learning about meditation and yoga and the benefits associated with it. The practical examples of the different yoga hand mudras beautifully illustrated how we can influence our breating and awareness of our body and mind.

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