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Gold Coast Yoga Therapy is Mobile! Restorative and Relaxation Techniques for Stress Related Conditions, Therapeutic Yoga for Health, Wellness and Injury Issues. Specialised Practice Designed to suit the individual or group needs. Meditation and Mindful Meditation for the individual, group and work requirements. Wellness Coaching and Yoga suited for particular Well-being goals and Lifestyle needs. Yoga for the Adventure Traveller to suit your specific needs for your particular journey.

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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In our modern world, our minds and bodies are bombarded with an overload of information and things that cause us pain and illness. We have become the 'busy' generation, never still and always seeking the next quick fix.
Our bodies and minds suffer with ill health through chronic diseases, stress and overwhelm. Even when we sleep, our brains are still ticking over, worrying about making ends meet, hitting deadlines, answering the hundreds of messages that flood our inboxes and where life is taking us.
It is rare for us to have moments of silence and mindfulness as we are pulled twenty different ways by a world demanding our attention.
Have you ever wanted to shout 'Stop! I want to get off this ride.'?
You are not alone. The trouble is we are not sure how to take back control or even how to find the time to get the help and support we need to live life with good health and peace of mind.
Through Gold Coast Yoga Therapy, Robyn has culminate her 20 years' experience in the health and wellness space to provide a solution. To provide simple yet effective tools to find calm amidst the storm of life.
As a mobile service, Gold Coast Yoga Therapy offers classes in yoga, meditation and mindful meditation. Whether you want time out for yourself or as a group or as a work team, Robyn comes to you at the time and place of your choosing.
Our physical condition, emotional states, attitudes, the way we eat, how we deal with things, the relationships we have with each other, ourselves and our planet are all intimately linked to each other and to the state of our health. To truly live a life of peace, joy and love, we need to care for our mind and body.
Yoga is more than an ancient form of stretching; it is an incredible way to deal with particular health issues, injuries, work, lifestyle and special need.
What is Yoga Therapy?
 Yoga Therapy is a powerfully effective process and system, to design an appropriate practice that progresses you toward improved health, well-being and the lifestyle you desire. A self-empowering, non-invasive and progressive process that can enhance, manage, prevent and a powerful tool in the overall healing process.
Using various yoga tools such as breathing techniques, various appropriate poses, meditation, relaxation exercises and more, with a holistic focus and respect for your lifestyle choices.
Yoga therapy is a powerful tool to help with any physical, emotional, physiological health condition and lifestyle changes.
Gold Coast Yoga Therapy starts your journey with a detailed holistic assessment to get to the heart of your needs.....and then creates a plan that suits you.
Yoga therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with any alternative, conventional treatments or therapies. All ages, fitness level and state of health can and do benefit from yoga therapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (Yoga Therapy Australia)
  • Certificate IV / Level 2 Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Instructor
  • Wellness Coaching Certificate for the Health and Fitness Professional Level 2
  • Master Results Coach
  • Certificate Bronze Medallion (Miami Beach SLSC Australia)
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Previous Registered Nurse / Midwife / Child Health

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