Ruth Gent

Dru yoga, Dru Meditation, Dru Dance, Dru Therapeutic Yoga, Corporate Stress Management Workshops

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


I love to share the transformative power of Dru Yoga & Meditation with people.  I am the Regional Manager for Dru Yoga in South Australia and a Senior Tutor on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses throughout Australia and New Zealand. I am also a trainer on the Dru Yoga Therapy Course. I am passionate about taking Yoga Therapy forward in Australia. 

I specialise in taking mindfulness and meditation into the corporate sector and providing ongoing professional development for Yoga and Meditation teachers

Stress Busters Yoga

Wesley Uniting Church, Barton, ACT, 2600

Yoga for People with MS & Chronic Conditions - MS Society

+61 401 288 921
117 Denison Street, Deakin, ACT, 2600

Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

Pandanus St, FISHER, ACT, 2611

Stress Busters Summer Yoga in the Park - Sculpture Garden National Art Gallery,

+61 401 288 921
Queen Elizabeth Terrace, Parkes, ACT, 2600


Location Class Days Time
Barton Stress Busters Yoga Saturday 0800 - 9.30am
Deakin For People with MS & Chronic Conditions Wednesdays 5.45pm - 7.15pm
Sculpture Garden, National Art Gallery, Parkes Summer Yoga in the Park Thursdays 5.45pm - 6.45pm

"Transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves - Dru Vision Statement"

Dru International

what people are saying about Ruth Gent

Vanessa Curry - Dru Yoga Teacher Training Student

The Dru Yoga Teacher Training has been life changing. I have never been considered a morning person, always laying in bed longer than appropriate and then running around like a headless chook cursing my situation. Dru has changed that. I wake eagerly every morning early, I practise yoga and meditate, I sit with a cuppa and think of all the things I am grateful for, and then I go about my usual day to day before work/ school etc stuff. Everyone has noticed the difference! I am happier, calmer, healthier and more radiant than I can ever remember being! I am so glad I took those first courageous steps, albeit tentatively, and committed to this journey.

Charlotte Cook - Dru Yoga Teacher Training Student

What keeps me coming back to Dru yoga is the Earth sequence, through the ritual of Earth sequence I get to connect deeply back to Mother, Mother Earth who sustains us, back to Nature, back to the elements, back to all life that surrounds me, back to Divinity, and the Divinity that resides within self. It reminds me we are all connected, that there is no separation. Through the magical practice of Dru yoga I get to experience the humbling insignificance and awe inspiring magnificence of all existence.

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