Sew Yan Teh

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Member No: 7169


I commenced my yoga journey in 2003 when friends encouraged me to try it. I attribute my practice to overcoming a serious illness and I strongly believe in the yoga connection to healing the body and for ongoing well-being.
I enjoy a strong, challenging practice and have been teaching for over 10 years now;
having attended workshops with Simon Park, Kathryn Budig and Les Leventhal.

I teach a dynamic flowing style and endeavour to communicate a great deal of encouragement, I feel this enables my students to overcome any limiting attitudes in order for them to establish a strong yoga practice. I believe my dedication is infectious and my great joy is in seeing my students improving, gaining strength and achieving challenging poses. Age is no barrier to yoga and I love to teach anyone who is willing to make a commitment to the practice.

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Zia Kim

Teh Sew Yan is the best yoga teacher you can find in NSW. And I say, "THE BEST" not "one of the Best" because I have also been in the yoga teachers that are "one of the best" according to the fellow yogis and they could not even compare with our sweet teacher Yan. I first met Yan at Fitness First Macquarie in 2012. At the time, I was looking for an exercise that wouldn't damage my skin (my previous exercise routine involved swimming since childhood) but didn't really want to run and felt cardio really boring. I went to some Body Balance, Steps, Pilates. Yoga classes at Fitness First too. All so equally boring that I was about to quit Fitness First and go back to swimming. And then like it was meant to be I met Yan! I went to Macquarie one day to try out yoga and there was Yan doing all sorts of poses that were just not "humanly" possible! I was shocked. "Is this the true world of yoga?" I thought. So, I came to Macquarie Fitness First no matter what on Tuesdays since then. Then I was completing my degree in uni so I wasn't at FF for a while. I have forgotten her time slot and I didn't remember her name. Thankfully though in 2013, I saw her a few months later at Carlingford! Taking that coincidence as a miracle - I asked her name. I asked which gym she goes to teach every day and I followed her LITERALLY every day, 7 days a week. Sometimes twice a day. My yoga poses not only improved so much between 2013-2019, I fell in love with yoga, I fell in love with the routinely exercises most of all, I was just a skinny girl who had to control what I eat to stay skinny, but now I am extremely fit and have a curve and fitness that other girls envy. I have no body fat and these are ALL THANKS TO YAN! My wardrobe consists of suits and yoga clothes and that's it. Yan changed my life completely. I owe everything to her. My life, my body and my health.. Fitness First owes a lot to her I reckon. Because I know for a fact that there are so many people including myself who would not be a FF member if it wasn't for Yan. Cheers to the best yoga teacher in the world.

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