I’m a health professional who unexpectedly fell in love with yoga. I held senior public health roles in mental health, cancer, stroke and chronic illness, but traded up a focus on evidence, research and evaluation to teach yoga. Now, I encourage my students to run the yoga experiment in their own body and mind, with a sample size of one, and richly reap the rewards of their own personal research program.

If you practice with me, at Seed Yoga + Wellness in Blackburn, expect a nurturing, light-hearted and creative yoga experience. While we move and breathe together on the mat, I’ll encourage you to forget your ‘to do’ list and focus on your own body. And I’ll do this by tapping into the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained studying with great contemporary yoga teachers, to help you find a practice that works perfectly for you.

In addition to teaching at Seed Yoga + Wellness, I lead retreats to India, Greece, Bali and beyond. Perhaps you will  join me on one of these yogic adventures?

Life throws us all kinds of challenges. While we can’t control the complications that present themselves, we can control how we deal with and react to these situations. Yoga has given me the tools to cope infinitely better. And – as an added bonus – I’m not quite as clumsy as I used to be (in fact, sometimes I have the occasional moment of grace).

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