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Rachel Zinman is a global yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer specialising in Yoga for Wellbeing. She has been practising since 1983, teaching since 1992 and teaching teachers since 2000. She’s studied with some of the most influential teachers in the west including Alan Finger and Mark Whitwell as well as immersing herself in the study of Vedanta.  

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2008, she is the Author of Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda. She is also an award winning singer and songwriter, for her devotional CD’s with her band the Subway Bhaktis and cocreated the first Yoga video Series in Australia in the early 90’s. She writes for many online and in print magazines including Australian Yoga Journal and Australian Yoga Life.

Rachel is passionate about making yoga accessible and inclusive. She is a trained as a mental health aware yoga teacher and her work in the diabetes community informs how she practices and shares.

A yoga session with Rachel is perfect for anyone who has heard about yoga and interested to know more. Or teachers and teacher trainers wanting to extend their skillset with an experienced teacher and mentor.

If you have been feeling disconnected from your body, overwhelmed or stressed. If you are wanting to work gently and have a more personalized approach. Or even if you want to know more about how yoga help you manage your weight and support you to have healthier exercise habits.

You’ll love these nurturing sessions which take a wholistic approach. In each session you can expect to learn:

How to move your body in a safe way.
Focus on breath awareness.

Experience renewed energy and vitality through simple stretching and strengthening postures.

Work with simple practices to build the immune system and regulate the nervous system.

If you have a regular yoga practice already, Rachel’s classes will inspire you to find new ways of working in the poses, to increase your knowledge and inspire you to have a more regular practice.

Here are just a few health benefits from practicing
Reduces stress and anxiety

Improves flexibility

Increases strength

Enhances cardiovascular health

Boosts immune system

Helps with chronic pain

Improves balance and stability

Promotes better sleep

Aids in digestion

Lowers blood pressure


Rachel looks forward to meeting you on the mat.


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