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It was the stretching and strengthening component of a dynamic yoga practice that initially drew me to yoga in 2003, but I soon realised that the benefits were far reaching, spreading into every aspect of my life.

Inspired by the more dynamic tradition of Astanga vinyasa yoga, my teaching style is also influenced by my studies with Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, Kate Pell, Gwyn Williams (Zenthai Shiatsu) and Master Zhen Hua Yang (Calligraphy Health).

I teach a variety of styles.  My vinyasa classes are dynamic and enthusiastic, flowing with a slow, steady breath and balanced with patience and a sense of humour that are essential to a yoga practice. I always encourage my students to practise with ahimsa (non-violence and non-harming), listening to their bodies, and gently challenging themselves to enrich their experience.

My Calligraphy Yoga classes are more therapeutic; a moving meditation.  Continuous flowing movements allow you to melt tension as you connect with your calming breath, mobilise the spine and nourish your body from within.

I teach group classes at Geebung and Nundah and early mornings in Kalinga Park (Nundah/Clayfield). Corporate yoga, private yoga, yoga therapy and zenthai shiatsu sessions are also available upon request.  I also teach high school students yoga as part of the school based HPE program.

My yoga therapy training and zenthai shiatsu therapist training has also enabled me to work with private clients to help them with a variety of health conditions including muscular-skeletal injuries, asthma, cancer, MS, anxiety and depression.  Yoga truly is for everyone!